Lithium Ion Batteries have several advantages. For a large number of widely varying applications, the technology of Lithium Ion Batteries is being used increasingly. Be it be your laptop, vehicle, smartphone or anything from small electronic devices, Lithium Ion Batteries finds wide applications in every sphere of life. 

With the Lithium Ion Batteries finding an increasing number of applications, LithiumIonen Akku Kaufen have almost become the talk of the town. Thus, with a bagful of advantages of Li-lon technology, huge amount of development is being invested into them. Just scroll through to find out some of the key benefits that you will enjoy after Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen. 

Key Benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries: 

(1) High Density of Energy: One of the main benefits of Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen is its high density of energy. There is always need of batteries with higher density of energy, considering the fact that electronic equipment’s like mobile phones need to function for a longer period of time between two consecutive charges irrespective of how much power it consumes. Not only mobile phones, but there are several other power applications from electric vehicles to power tools. That Lithium Ion Batteries are able to offer a high power density is one of its most distinct advantages. Additionally, owing to the high energy density of Lithium Ion Batteries, they also find wide applications in Electric vehicles. Considering all these factors, Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen becomes a must. 

(2) Self Discharge Properties: The self-discharging rate of almost all rechargeable batteries is really a matter of concern. When compared to other rechargeable cells, such as NiMH or Ni-Cad forms, Lithium Ion Batteries self-discharging rate is quite lower. After being fully charged, in the first 4 hours, it is typically around 5% but falls to a figure of about 1 or 2 % per month. Thus, Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen is always in the upper hand when compared to other types of batteries. 

(3) Zero Maintenance: To ensure Lithium Ion Batteries effective performance all round the clock, they do not require any kind of maintenance, which is one of its chief advantages. A periodic discharge is essential for Ni –Cad cells to make sure that they do not exhibit the memory effect. This process or other similar maintenance procedures are not required for Lithium Ion Batteries, as they are not at all affected by all these. Similarly, Lead Acid Cells also require some sort of maintenance, as the battery acid needs to be topped up on a periodic basis. But, with Lithium Ion Batteries, there is no requirement of active maintenance. Owing to this feature, Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen becomes a must. 

(4) Cell Voltage: Lithium ion cells produce a voltage of about 3.6 volts, which is quite higher than the standard alkaline, nickel metal hydride and nickel cadmium cells which are around 1.5 volts, and lead acid batteries which produce 2 volts per cell. Thus, in many battery applications, you will require less Lithium Ion cells, as the voltage produced by each Lithium Ion Cell is quite higher. Thus, the process of power management gets simplified as for smartphones, what you would require is just a single Lithium Ion cell. Just because of the high cell voltage Lithium Ion Batteries provide, Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen becomes a must. 

(5) Do not require Priming: When other rechargeable cells receive their first charge, they require priming. But there is no requirement of this as far as Lithium Ion Batteries are concerned, as they are supplied operational and ready to go. This extraordinary feature of Lithium Ion Batteries makes Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen become a must to enjoy such features.

Key Takeaway:

Now, that you have gone through all the benefits of Lithium Ion Batteries, Why wait any longer? The technology is being used widely which is only set to increase. After going through this article, you can make the best use of this battery technology. Just Lithium Ionen Akku Kaufen to ensure a lifelong service with absolutely no interruptions