Born on Sept. 19, 1995, Brent Faiz is a member of the R&B group Sonder. The group is gaining popularity as they released their first U.S. tour in 2017. Brent Faiz has been involved in many celebrity romances and has a devoted following in the U.S. Brent Faiz is worth an estimated $8 million.

Amber Olivier

Is Brent Faiz Dating Amber Olivier? This is a question that’s been plaguing the rap star ever since he debuted on the scene in 2012. Initially, speculation centered around the relationship between the two rappers. However, in recent months, rumors have been circulating that Brent Faiz is dating one of his young proteges, namely Amber Olivier. The two have been linked for a long time, but the relationship status of the two stars is still unclear.

Long History of Relationships

The singer and songwriter Brent Faiz has a long history of relationships, with a Virgo girl named Amber Olivier being the most recent. While Faiz’s love life has remained private, there have been several reports linking the two before Olivier’s tour. However, since Faiz is a Virgo, his relationship with his girlfriend is less likely to be public. Nevertheless, if the two continue to share a passionate relationship, then this may prove to be a very exciting thing.

If this relationship is indeed real, the singer has a lot to look forward to. The two have a lot of fan following. After all, Brent Faiz is an incredibly talented music producer and songwriter who has released numerous successful singles. He also belongs to the Sonder group and has been actively involved in several social networks. Currently, he has released his second EP, entitled A.M. Paradox, and it has been received with much acclaim by music fans.

Holly hood Tizzy

Both Holly Hood Tizzy and Brent Faiz have massive fan bases, and both have been collaborating with some of the biggest names in the hip-hop world. Their debut single, “Allure,” peaked at no. 2 on the Billboard Chart. Their first EP, “Lost,” garnered positive reviews from the music industry. While they remain single, they live in luxury apartments, including a Mercedes.

Although they’ve split up in 2016 over personal matters, Brent Faiz’s Twitter account is full of flirtatious messages. He doesn’t shy away from a flirtatious message, and his photo-shopped videos are very sexy. In one tweet thread, Brent and Holly Hood Tizzy appeared together, suggesting they were having an intimate encounter. However, it’s unclear if the two have been together since then, and there’s no official confirmation. Nevertheless, their sexy relationship has created a lot of buzz and is likely to continue in the future.

Amongst the many talented hip-hop artists today, Brent Faiz is the most successful. He has a large fan base and has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. His debut EP hit number one on the iTunes charts. The two have never married, but have a large fan base. Brent Faiz’s Net Worth is estimated at $20 million. But it’s unclear what they’ve been doing to build their net worth.


Amber Olivier is the most famous singer in America and she is also the friend of Brent Faiz. They were once linked but subsequently broke up. The singer has not been in a relationship since she was 12. The two started dating at the age of 12 and started dating when she was 18. Amber moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and Brent moved to Columbia, Maryland. Their relationship started on Instagram, and they share photos and videos of their daily lives.

He is currently Single, and has an estimated net worth of $350k as of 2021. His net worth has been estimated at $350K and he lives a modest lifestyle. He began his career by uploading music to SoundCloud. Later, he moved to Los Angeles and started a record label called Sonder. The estimated net worth of Brent Faiz will be about $350k by 2021, and his expected earnings will continue to rise.

Final Words:

If you’re wondering if Brent Faiz has a girlfriend, Zahara is the perfect candidate. The singer has a huge following on social media, but has yet to publicly declare their relationship. However, there are rumors that Brent and Zahara had an affair in the past. The singer has not revealed the reason for their split, but they’ve both deleted pictures of each other on their respective social media accounts.