Website session recording is mainly used for sales and marketing purposes. It is a simple process that helps the marketers to record the browser sessions and to collect the visitor data to be analyzed to be used in further marketing strategies.

Session recording is an online activity that helps the marketers to keep a track of the visitors and to know more about their actions and choices. 

The session recording tool is useful in optimizing the website and understanding the visitor behavior. 

It is also useful in testing the website for the features added and also helps to improve the website.

Keeping track of visitor actions

Website session recording helps in supervising various plans and processes which are actively available for the visitors for the purpose of sales and marketing. 

It can be used to study various data interactions by analyzing the usage of the website in various patterns. 

The session records the entire rendering of the actions taken by the visitors while browsing the website. 

The recording session keeps track of every movement that includes mouse movements, clicks, taps, and also scrolling across the pages either on the desktop, laptop, or mobile.

Website recording is normally concerned with unique user sessions on the website. Website recording tools click the track of every activity of the visitor on the website. 

Directions are recorded as they happen in session-by-session movements. Every movement of the visitor is tracked, analyzed, and evaluated on the visitor’s experience on the website which can help in improving the user interaction and experience. 

When a visitor visits a website and starts browsing, it involves several processes which are needed to understand to improve the services offered to the visitors. 

The recording session facility offers close monitoring of both the website and visitors’ behavior. It keeps the track of browsing behavior, studies experience breakage, identifies fiction areas, examines broken connectivity, and optimizes visitor experience. 

It also helps in understanding the entire process and enhancing the conversion rates.

How to record a session of web browser:

Openvid services

Google Chrome offers an extension which can be used to create an account. It offers you the facilities to start recording and the best webcam, and allows to keep browsing the web pages using navigation.

It also gives an option to stop the recording. Once you stop the recording the entire recording session gets stored successfully and it can be replied to as and when required. 

The website recording session stores the recorded data which can be used by other companies to analyze and evaluate according to the user information and user interactions. Recorded information is useful for companies for a better understanding of the user requirements and to offer improved services for further business benefits. It does not only allow companies to perform better but it also offers satisfaction to the visitors while using the various products and services of the company.


Hotjar is an interactive technology used during the website recording session. When a visitor browses a website, Hotjar makes use of heatmap interactions as per the clicks, scroll, and other actions the visitor does while browsing the web pages. 

Also, it keeps track of word spoken and browsing interactions. Hotjar builds a strong data-backed mapping based on the understanding of visitors’ interactions on the website.

Citrix services

Citrix is interactive software that allows you to record the website browsing session. You have to install the software Citrix as per the specifications and it will offer user-friendly options for session recording.

Recordings of visitor’s sessions is an advanced technique mainly used by either organizations or developers to have a deeper understanding of customers by actually observing the recorded customer interactions and developing the systems according to their exact requirements to fulfill their demand. 

Even for the visitors, while browsing a website, have to face many difficulties and have to work in the confusing situation session recording helps in overcoming such difficult or confusing states while browsing. 

Also, session recording helps companies in the field of sales and marketing by understanding the exact interactions of the visitors so they can convert them into customers.

Last Word:

Website session recording is highly preferred by most companies for the sake of understanding the visitor’s behavior and the response given by the website and web pages. 

The session replay tool is important because it helps the developers to offer better services to the customers according to the exact need and requirements. It also helps in understanding visitors’ preferences and difficulties while browsing the pages and using the services.