Do you have a blooming plumbing service? If it is so and your small team is getting a bit overwhelmed while receiving all the service calls, it is time to ease the burden of answering the phone. You should find a 24/7 live plumbing answering service provider so that they can efficiently take calls on your company’s behalf. 

What is an answering service provider?

The answering service provider is a customer service business that employs call operators to answer calls on your company’s behalf. The support offered by them is mostly 24 hours and 7 days a week. 

Call answering services also provide customizable call scripting in order to gather any necessary information from the callers which could be used in the future. They are also able to send or receive text messages, emails, and fax. 

Benefits of hiring a 24/7 live plumbing answering service provider

If you’re still confused about the exact benefits of hiring an answering service provider for your plumbing business, read the six benefits we have listed below:

1. Minimize labor costs

If you have hired an in-house receptionist who answers all the call customers, there might be no problems except one. With a large number of incoming calls, your hired receptionist might feel overwhelmed because they also have additional responsibilities at hand. You might be thinking of hiring some more receptionists to keep up with the call load. 

Take one step further and hire a 24/7 live plumbing answering service provider. This way you are getting a flexible workforce and the necessary expertise to handle your calls professionally. Considering the benefits you’re getting, a premium answering service costs reasonably. Also, an answering service provider is ready to take calls 24/7 which is a great source of a sense of security for every customer.

2. You don’t have to train your employees

Hiring a new employee and training them so that they can work efficiently for your company could take a few weeks or months. So, you are giving away your precious time and valuable resources while training a new employee. 

If you pass on your job to a hired plumbing answering service provider, you are ultimately cutting costs associated with the training. 

3. Calls will be answered even on holidays

Most plumbing problems arise on weekends and holidays. This is because, on the working days, people don’t have the time to have a plumber fixing the toilet. Your in-house receptionist has several other duties to perform, so they might not pay much attention to incoming calls on weekends. Hiring a professional call answering service ensures that all incoming calls even on weekends and holidays get answered and your customers get the deserved service in their time of need. 

4. Customers will no more receive voice mails or a busy signal

Having a limited facility of receiving calls could result in your customer encountering a busy signal in their time of urgent need. Getting directed to voice mails gets them frustrated. If you have such a poor call answering facility with insufficient manpower, your customers will not think for a second time before calling another plumbing service. It is important that you retain your customer so that your business thrives. Therefore, a professional 24/7 live plumbing answering service provider receives all calls so that you don’t miss any potential sales because of busy signals or voice mails.

5. Confirmed scheduled appointments

Your callers or customers gets confirmed scheduled appointments. How? Nowadays, answering services provide the confirmation of appointments on the same call. This is very useful because the customers can discuss the perfect time for the visiting technician that is suitable for the customer. Technicians need to be assisted. So it will make it easier for the technician if the right person is present who can exactly explain the issue to them.

6. More clients mean more revenue

With an established 24/7 live plumbing answering service provider, all calls are handled with technical professionalism and compassion. This sets the pathway for your business to gain more clients. More clients equal more revenue and this is how you prosper.