Individuals are often based on appearances before any other attribute. As soon as you enter a room, you’ll be initially judged by how you look. Your dressing sense and posture are equally important. But primarily, people will have a good look at your face.

That’s just one of the reasons why humans designed mirrors and constantly looked at them whenever possible. Additionally, the beauty industry attracts a lot of clientele from every walk of life.

Does that mean that beauty therapy courses are all the rage in the modern world? Read on to find out!

Meet a Beauty Therapist

A beauty therapist is a trained professional offering many treatments for the skin. These treatments focus on the enhancement of the skin using various methods. 

The professionals are trained in the subjects of skin biology and cosmetic surgery. This knowledge enables them to study the issue’s root and suggest treatments accordingly. 

In addition, a beauty therapist also provides massages for the relaxation of specific muscles. Manicures, Pedicures, and even careful processes like hair removal come under the job description. 

Why you should consider becoming one

A lot of professions involve work where appearance is the most critical part. For instance, in acting and modelling, the face of the individual sells the brand or the movie. As a result, they need to maintain their appearance. Guess who they will turn to?

That’s right, a beauty therapist! A lot of beauticians boast of renowned clients who visit regularly. A trusted and consistent professional in this field can command a loyal customer base. After all, one cannot let strangers handle their skin.

Moreover, if you are a person who has a dedicated interest in cosmetics and skincare, this is the profession for you!

According to a source, the average salary for beauticians in Australia is close to $57,525. The entry-level positions begin at $53,625. An experienced individual may touch figures of $70,164 per year!

Peeking into the beauty industry

Reports at National Industry Insights have observed that employment levels for beauty therapy plummeted in 2020. The industry employed a whopping 41,800 professionals in 2019, which fell to a mere 20,400 next year. This sharp decline was surprising since the previous years saw a significant and consistent rise.

Fortunately, the decline was temporary and mainly due to the pandemic. The year 2021 witnessed a 75% rise in employment, with the numbers shooting up to 35,800.

In addition, the future looks promising as the industry is projected to employ 50,700 individuals by 2025. The entire beauty industry looks to achieve profitable growth, with beauty therapists contributing to 8% of the predicted growth.


It is a common misconception that the Beauty industry is a women-centric field. Even though women occupy most positions in this industry, the area is liberal and welcoming for everyone.

The few pre-requisites are a dedicated interest in cosmetics and exposure to the industry prior. The latter can be solved by opting for beauty therapy courses available across several websites and platforms.

As entertainment becomes more prevalent and various art forms face the limelight, someone has to take care of their appearance. The beauty industry caters to this demand satisfactorily and grows along with it.