Hats are not uncommon. In fact, currently they are making a comeback. Men across all eras have been wearing hats, though for different reasons. There were times when they had to sport a hat to pay heed to certain customs. That is not the case today. Currently, most men wear hats to look smart and stylish. 

Straw hats is a common choice when it comes to men. It helps to keep the head cool, as straw is a lightweight and durable material. It makes it apt for securing one’s head during summer. If you look around, you will come across a wide range of straw hats for men that get made using different materials that vary in style, feel, and quality. In this article, we will discuss about the various men’s straw hats, their materials, and their capacity to secure from the sun. Also, we will throw light on the multiple straw hat types and things to search for in them. 

Straw hats – What are they made of?

Typically, straw hats are made using synthetic or natural straw materials that are tightly interwoven. It effectively protects the wearer against the sun. You will find it in multiple styles. Also, people across Asia and Europe have worn it from the Middle Ages. Even then, this hat style retains its appeal for many who still wear it against the security of the sun. 

Most men prefer the straw hats because it is lightweight and durable. It’s mostly because of the material that gets used. That aside, the hats get woven in a way that small openings enable a ventilation and cooling effect on the warm days. That aside, the straw hats are also very trendy. 

Does the straw hat offer sun security?

The efficiency of a straw hat usually depends on its tight weave and the size of the holes. It helps to decide the sun rays that can pass through the hat, making it either great or poor at keeping the sun’s rays away. 

Hence, when you are shopping for your straw hat, make sure that you put it against the light once. If you are purchasing it online, ask the hat maker for the light penetration capacity. The straw hats have a certain UPF factor associated with them. It’s suggested that you choose a hat which has a UPF factor over 50 for great sun protection. 

That aside, if the weave is tight, it will enable a reduced percentage of sunlight through. That way, you will get more protection. The finer and tighter weaves showcase the work that has gone to make the hat. And that enables the hat to become costly. 

The different types of straw hats for men

The straw hats generally get woven using natural or synthetic thin straw material, which is comfortable, trendy, and lightweight. That aside, the hats offer great sun security, while ensuring that the wearer’s head can breathe. 

  • The straw Panama hat

Do you want to plan a vacation? Wondering which hat should you carry with you? If yes, then the Panama straw hat is an ideal choice. It’s mostly because it’s easy to wear and very breathable. If you like to wear light silk or linen suits, you will love to sport a Panama hat. Conventionally, this hat gets made using a light-shade Toquilla straw. 

The hats comprise of a very tight weave. Therefore, it needs more work, that makes it slightly costly. Several vacationers and tourists wear this hat to sport a classy look and have good strong protection. 

  • Straw Fedora Hat

The Panama and the fedora hats are very similar. The majority of people aren’t able to tell the difference. Do you know it? It’s the Toquilla straw material that gets used to make the Panama hat, the Fedora hats gets defined by its shape. That aside, Panama is made only using straw, and Fedora hats can also be made using other materials, like felt. So, that you understand the difference well, some of the features of the fedora are:

  • Moderately wide brim
  • A pinched front
  • Low crown

Such features make the Fedora hat very stylish and efficient in terms of sun protection. Most men who keep traveling constantly or are tourists will love this hat. Also, these hats will complement any attire. Even men who have long hair can sport this hat. 

  • The straw lifeguard hat

This hat came into prominence because it got worn by the lifeguards who belonged to the California coast. To date, the hat is famous amongst the lifeguards, gardeners, and fishers. Such hats got made using thick straws and were woven loosely. It comes with a manageable chin strap and is known for its distinctive high crown. When it comes to sun protection, these hats are probable not the excellent choice, still it does the job well. It can secure you from the vast sun rays to a great extent and also add to your style quotient. 

These are some of the options when it comes to choosing the straw hats for men. You can read about all three of them and choose the one that best caters to your choice