There are some household items that need to be purchased in advance. Patio furniture items are one of those household items. During the summer, the demand for these furniture items skyrocketed. That’s why many homeowners buy their outdoor furniture items ahead of time, specifically during the spring months.

If you buy your patio furniture items during the spring, you can use them during the summers. However, just buying patio furniture items isn’t enough – you must also purchase covers to protect these items. Without high-quality covers, your outdoor furniture items may not last long. Thankfully, buying and using patio table covers are super-easy processes.

Here’s the seasonal guide to using these covers – 

Protecting Patio Furniture Items in the Winter

Winter can be the biggest enemy for your patio furniture items. That’s because heavy winds, snowfall, rain, and other external threats can permanently damage your outdoor furniture items. The best way to avoid these weather-related risks is by temporarily storing those furniture items inside your home or garage.

But, if your property doesn’t have extra space – you must buy heavy-duty covers for your furniture items. Buy water and UV-resistant covers, preferably made of synthetic materials like vinyl or polyester. These synthetic materials are UV-resistant water-resistant, and they don’t respond much to temperature changes.

These covers won’t warp or shrink. They’ll keep protecting your patio furniture items throughout the harsh winter days.

Protecting Patio Furniture Items in the Monsoons

Monsoons or the rainy season poses a huge risk to your patio furniture items. That’s because heavy winds and constant exposure to moisture can cause havoc on your outdoor furniture items. The best way to address these monsoon-related risks is by buying and installing well-insulated covers on your patio furniture items.

Pick covers that perfectly fit your patio furniture items. Before you place the covers, make sure the furniture items are completely dry and clean. Then, tightly mound the covers on the furniture items. Keep them away from direct exposure to rainfall. When it’s time to reuse the patio furniture items, dry them and clean them first.

Protecting Patio Furniture Items in the Summer

Should homeowners even bother to cover their patio furniture items during the summer? Yes! Contrary to belief, the summer months can be awful for your patio furniture items. These items are constantly exposed to the sun’s UV rays during this period. This exposure can easily cause patio furniture items to fade or lose their structural integrity.

The best way to avoid these UV risks is by covering their patio furniture items with sun-resistant covers. Don’t keep the furniture items exposed to the sun at all times. Give the furniture items small breaks from time to time by importing them indoors. You must also cover the cushions of your patio furniture items with protective covers.

What If I Don’t Use Covers?

If you don’t use covers to protect your patio furniture items, you’re losing money. The elements will cause irreparable damages to your furniture items. In less than a year, your outdoor furniture items will start fading. So, don’t take this risk and buy premium-quality covers that protect your outdoor furniture items throughout the year!