EMR systems have turned out to be the most efficient choices for medical and clinical management. By adding substantial value with their outperforming features, different EMRs in the market are proved to be a prominent choice for practitioners. There is no need to worry about paperwork and repetitive tasks, from data collection to appointments to billing. Everything is widely simple by employing a better EMR that fits your needs for medical and administrative practices.

So, we bring a competing debate between leading EMR systems. Yes, A debate between Solismed Clinic Management System vs Cerner EMR. We focus on making things smooth for you when you choose between them. They are equally well-appreciated among their clients and offer well-equipped tools for seamless EMR workflow.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into these EMR programs and see what benefits and features they hold for you.

Solismed EMR:

Solismed is a clinic management solution that helps with patient scheduling, data storage, and insurance claims processing, among other things. Users can access a unified interface that displays their messages, schedules, and other relevant data in real-time. A patient portal allows users to schedule appointments, pay bills, and communicate with their healthcare providers all in one place. Financial, healthcare professional, and inventory reports can all be generated. Morag Consulting Group and Intesync LLC developed Solismed EMR as an alternative to the numerous pricey and bothersome EMR systems now available.

Thanks to Solismed Clinic Management System team collaboration tools and tabbed user meetings, multiple people can simultaneously view the same patient’s information on their computers with privacy. The patient portal offers a variety of practice software solutions, including secure chat, an appointment schedule, and Interfax for sending and receiving electronic faxes.

Benefits of Using Solismed EMR:


The Solismed Clinic Management Software already includes the capacity to be personalized under the requirements of individual users. Users can customize their home screens in any way they see fit. It allows them to tailor the program to their requirements more easily. Users are able to keep track of their refill requests, prescriptions, and lab results with the use of Solismed. In addition to this, it is integrated and interoperable with a significant number of public health departments as well as immunization programs.

Secure and Safe:

Privacy breaching is one of the grave concerns users often encounter when they are picking an EMR system. However, Solismed Clinic Management Software doesn’t eschew this point and fully compiles its program with safe data and privacy. Solismed is built to fulfil HIPAA regulations. For instance, the data on the patients are encrypted and protected using a variety of different techniques of encryption. Perform admirably with an SSL certificate.

In addition, Solismed provides patients with full command of their health information and ensures that it is not shared with any third parties. It is in contrast to other insecure EMR systems, requiring patients to adhere to a service that may sell or otherwise exploit their clinical data to generate a profit. So, privacy is above everything in Solismed.

Solismed Cost:

The price of using Solismed begins at $50.00 per individual on a monthly basis. There is a version that is free to use. Solismed does not currently provide any free trial option. According to the Solismed EMR reviews, the program has received an overall efficiency score of 4 stars out of 5, considered a satisfactory rating. The feedback received, in general, has been fairly nice as well. Most Solismed EMR users have commented on the software’s excellent organizational design and how well it caters to their various requirements. Get in touch with the vendor for further information.

Cerner EMR:

The electronic medical record (EMR) system provided by Cerner EMR Software is a robust database that gives users access to a wide variety of functionalities. In addition to its ability to easily save patient demographic details and health records, it also allows users to chart health status during routine checkups or hospital stays, which has earned it a lot of praise.

The Cerner EMR Software was developed to be utilized in healthcare facilities such as hospitals, health centers, and care facilities; however, it may also be utilized by practitioners who operate their practices individually from any other associations.

In healthcare, Cerner is often regarded as providing among the highest-quality instances of outstanding customer service. Cerner offers some additional services: documentation, reporting, billing, and health statistics. Because of its wide variety of features, it ensures precise diagnosis and treatment and provides up-to-date patient information. Its purpose is to improve patient safety, cut costs, and make the flow of practicing medicine easier for doctors and other healthcare personnel.

Benefits of Using Cerner EMR:

Mobile Integrations:

These days, electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management (PM) software users are looking for one thing above and beyond the basic functions offered: mobile device compatibility. Consequently, Cerner EMR’s mobile app is one of its initial advantages over Solismed EMR. Currently, Solismed does not offer a mobile app. In contrast, one of Cerner’s most well-known offerings is PowerChart Touch. This mobile tool lets doctors access electronic medical record data from their smartphones or tablets during patient interactions.

PowerChart Touch is a virtualized tool that helps doctors keep track of patient information by analyzing charts, simplifying notes with speech input, and keeping track of patients’ symptoms, allergies, and health history on iPads and iPhones.

Customizable Templates:

Cerner EMR provides a wide variety of pre-built, customizable format options, from which you can select one and evaluate whether or not it satisfies your requirements. Finding EMR software with a layout appealing to the user is essential because clinical practices spend significant time polishing up structures.

Cerner Cost:

The current pricing for Cerner EMR can be obtained by submitting a request. From what we can see, the vendor bills its clients an upfront implementation price in addition to an annual maintenance fee.

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As a standard enterprise-scale solution, we can be certain that it falls somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. Cerner EHR, from the reviewer’s viewpoint, offers customers reasonable and clear pricing plans.