You may be one of those people that think you need a dental makeover but be opposed to the idea of being without properly functioning teeth for a while. You may also be a discreet person that would not like to announce to the world that you got work done on your teeth. There is an excellent procedure that leaves you with a stunning set of teeth on the same day: veneers. 

Same-Day Smile: What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin, tooth-colored, custom-designed materials attached to the surface of a tooth to improve how it looks. The shell-like material is fixed to the affected tooth to correct the color, shape, or size issues. You should discuss which veneers you prefer with your dentist, as there are porcelain veneers and composite resin veneers. Also, you should know that veneers last for about 7-15 years. 

How Can You Get Veneers Installed on the Same Day? 

The conventional veneer procedure takes about three visits to the dentist, covering everything between consultation and installation. However, technological improvements have made it possible to go through the entire process in a matter of hours, as long as you are a suitable candidate. Using CAD/CAM (computer-aided design/computer-aided modeling) technology, dentists can carry out complex dental restorations swiftly and precisely, which is how you can get your veneer done in a day. 

Before any technology is used on your teeth, the dentist prepares your teeth by removing a little layer of enamel, about five millimeters. This part of the preparation process is done so that the veneers can look natural. 

The advanced CAD/CAM technology comprises a tiny camera that goes into the mouth, streamlined software, 3D imaging technology, and an in-office milling machine. It is employed to capture digital impressions that align with the unique qualities of your teeth. The dentist uses the milling machine to create the veneers, after which they are bonded to the affected tooth/teeth. The images are gotten and transferred to a chairside computer. 

Benefits of Getting Same-Day Veneers

  • Instant results. Getting instant results is the major perk of same-day veneers. You can get them earlier in the day, even if you have an important event later that same day. 
  • It is more convenient. Getting same-day veneers is more convenient than the conventional ones because it limits the number of trips you have to make to the dentist and the downtime following the procedure. 
  • Quick adjustments. The technology and everything else used to create the restorative materials are in-office. So, if there are any inconveniences, it is very easy to make adjustments right there and then. 
  • Cost-effective. Veneers may not be the cheapest dental makeover, but getting the same-day ones is more affordable than getting the conventional ones. 

Final Words

If there are issues with your teeth that you’d like to fix and can afford to do, nothing should stop you from getting your desired smile. If you’re terrified of complex dental procedures or even swamped with work, a same-day veneer is an excellent option because it is painless and swift.