Planning road trips across countries is an adventurous and marvellous thing to do. This activity can be done solo or with your friends. However, it requires a lot of time, and proper planning and execution can cut down the cost. Make your road trip an unforgettable and epic one as I assure you, it will be the best time of your life. Read on to this blog to know how to plan a road trip across countries.

Ways To Plan A Road Trip Across Countries

  1. Estimate the Length of your trip
  2. Pick ideal Stops
  3. Design your Route
  4. Book some Lodging
  5. Organise your Packing itinerary

If you are longing to hit a road trip across countries for a long time, I must say it is now or never. Planning a road trip requires proper planning. With the right packing list and itinerary, you can do well on your own. Visit Pickyourtrail to book one of the best Turkey trip packages and to also customise your Turkey itinerary according to your style.

  1. 1.Estimate the Length of your trip

Estimate the time you will be needing to cross countries on your road trip. It will be useful as it will help you decide what stops you can make within your estimated time and how much time you can spend at each. If you drive continuously, it will take about 2 days to cross the country. But, do not try this, because if your body does not get enough sleep and rest, there might be a dangerous accident taking place. Also, it is no fun driving constantly when you are on your road trip. If you want to rush your road trip, you can finish it off within 2 weeks. But, if you want to genuinely enjoy it, 3 or 4 weeks will do the trick.

  1. 2.Pick ideal Stops

Another important tip on your road trip across countries is picking up an ideal place to see. Organise your road plan according to your choice of places and pick stops near those places to stay for a night. A valuable tip for a cross-country road trip is that you would want to travel horizontally, i.e., from east to west or west to east. It might take a long time if you plan on driving vertically, i.e., from north to south or south to north. Look up a map to check whether your choice-of-interest matches with those places or not and mark up those places on your map. It is advisable to plan a straight route rather than a meandering one.

  1. 3.Design your Route

Now, as you have decided on which locations to go to, it is time to decide on a route. You can plan it on pen and paper or using Google Maps.

Once you complete route planning, estimate the time for staying at each stop. Calculate the total hour of staying at each stop, along with, driving and then decide on the complete road trip hour. Additionally, you should consider some extra time on hand for some emergencies and your meals (exclude the ones which you will be already be having at your stay). 

  1. 4.Book some Lodging

Are you planning to travel during peak season? If yes, you should make your plan work. But, peak season means most of the lodging would be booked. So, it is suggestive to book some reservations in advance. Moreover, if you planning to stay in camps, make sure you book a reservation even there ahead. Marfa and TX hold some limited accommodations for a few popular road trip destinations. Also, if your road trip is scheduled at the proper time, it is better to book a campsite for the night. 

  1. 5.Organise your Packing itinerary

Organise your packing itinerary well ahead of time to avoid the rush. Also, don’t keep it for the last time. Your packing depends majorly on what you want to pack and how you want to pack. Are you planning to camp the whole way? If yes, you should pack camping gear. Moreover, you can also pack some packing cubes, compression kits and shoe cubes. If you want to stay or only sleep inside your car, you must carry some road trip essentials, like chapstick, hair ties, toll money and some more.  

I hope this ‘How to Plan a Road Trip across Countries’ will help you a lot. It will make your dream come true, and with this, you will be able to swiftly carry your plan. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Pickyourtrail to book a Turkey holiday package or even customise your Turkey itinerary and choose the best one.