Multiplication chart is a very useful reference for students to understand the concept of multiplication that helps in performing various mathematical calculations. It is a table that shows the multiples of numbers in matrix form obtained by multiplying one whole number with another whole number. It is an easy way to find the product of two numbers. Tables of multiplication are the most useful and basic concepts of mathematics that are being taught to students from an early age. The multiplication chart helps the students to learn the concept of mathematics easily and do basic arithmetic calculations conveniently. A multiplication chart is a tool to find out how to multiply two numbers to get the product. The chart contains multiples of numbers that can be used as a building block for performing any form of higher and complex calculations. Example of a multiplication chart of 0 and 1.


0 multiply by 0 = 0

0 multiply by 1 = 0

0 multiply by 2 = 0

0 multiply by 3 = 0

0 multiply by 4 = 0

0 multiply by 5 = 0

0 multiply by 6 = 0

0 multiply by 7 = 0

0 multiply by 8 = 0

0 multiply by 9= 0

0 multiply by 10 = 0

1 multiply by 0 = 0

1 multiply by 1 = 1

1 multiply by 2 = 2

1 multiply by 3 = 3

1 multiply by 4 = 4

1 multiply by 5 = 5

1 multiply by 6 = 6

1 multiply by 7 = 7

1 multiply by 8 = 8

1 multiply by 9= 9

1 multiply by 10 = 10

Process of Reading Multiplication Chart

In the multiplication chart, one set of numbers is written along the top-most row and the second set is written along the left-most column. To get the product of any of these two numbers, start from the leftmost digit of the top row and move towards right up to a given number. Move downwards along the column till it corresponds to the other number on the left-most column. The box where the row and column meet gives the product of the two given numbers.

Importance of Multiplication Chart

Multiplication chart provides great support in the mathematical learning of a student by developing mental abilities to understand the facts behind the process of multiplication. This helps to make students more self-reliant in learning new mathematics concepts and solving problems easily.

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