Property purchase is a huge financial investment, and it must be done carefully using the expertise of experienced professionals. When looking for buyer’s agents in Sydney, make sure you get the proper assistance and deals at the best prices. If you don’t have an in-depth idea about the real estate market, there are professional agents to answer the questions to all your real estate needs.   

Here is a guide for finding an agent who will navigate you through the buying process, prioritising your needs, and getting the best deal.

Pre-approval for mortgage

Mortgaging is an important consideration when buying a property. While interviewing an agent, do not forget to inquire about the pre-approval requirements for the mortgage. It is observed that the property prices in Sydney have increased by 55 percent in the past three years. Hence, a pre-approval will help the agent look into your budget and affordability to purchase property in a specific region that meets all your parameters.

Your agent could also provide recommendations of mortgage companies for pre-approval and increase the probability of a smooth and hassle-free purchase. You must know that if your agent shows you houses without getting pre-approved, it is a huge disservice that may cost your time and lead to disappointments. 


Licensed buyer’s agents in Sydney with years of experience should be entrusted with purchasing a new home as experience in the real estate industry is of considerable importance. A licensed agent must be a thorough professional with the right degrees and certifications to perform job responsibilities efficiently. 

You must know that a buyer’s agent requires a restricted buyer’s real agent licence to operate in Sydney. The licence enables them to sell, buy or rent different properties in the region. It also ensures that the agents have tailored information, resources, and the ability to maintain industry standards while providing services.


You can seek referrals from your family or friend on Sydney’s most popular and reputed buyer’s agents. It is ideal to find one who has worked with clients with similar requirements as you. The recommendations of previous buyers can be your most reliable source to find a buyer agent, and it would mean that they had a positive experience working with them. 

Go through the agent’s online presence

Researching your agent’s online presence will help you better understand the body of work and customers’ opinions on their services. You should check if the agent is licensed or facing disciplinary actions. While vetting candidates, you must also see if complaints have been lodged against them on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission. Be mindful of the reviews and information on the work portfolio to make sure they are unbiased and authentic. 

Arrange for an interview session

You could better judge an agent’s experience and way of working through an interview. It is crucial that the agent is well experienced in the area and adequately understands your needs and budget.

The polished and professional approach to presenting a proposal will speak volumes about their way of work. Also, don’t forget to inquire about the span of their careers, client base, and the approximate time taken to close each deal. It is always best to ask about the price range, commission fees, and the neighbourhood of homes and amenities available.

Getting the right agent for your housing needs can be complicated in a highly competitive real estate market. So, it is absolutely vital to find a trustworthy agent who keeps your best interests in mind.