Indulging anything, including sugar, in excess is wrong. Some people try to make themselves feel better by using honey instead of sugar. It is all the same. Regardless of the form sugar takes, it can be detrimental to our oral health and, by extension, our general health. 

How Does Excessive Sugar Affect Teeth? 

“Sugar is bad for your teeth” is often said. However, you may not understand the gravity of consuming too much sugar because you don’t know exactly how it affects your teeth. While sugar doesn’t cause the damage itself, it is the catalyst behind it. 

When you consume sugary foods and drinks, or food high in carbs, bacteria feed on the residue and produce acid that triggers demineralization, weakening the outer layer of a tooth known as the enamel. A constant cycle of demineralization and remineralization goes on in a person’s mouth. Naturally, bacteria reside in our mouths and are usually no cause for alarm, except for the presence of the harmful bacteria that get excited when we consume sugar. 

When your mouth can’t keep up with the unending cycle of losing and replacing minerals due to factors including poor diet and lacking oral hygiene, a cavity (holes in the teeth resulting from decay) is formed. Essentially, sugar is detrimental to our teeth’ health because it is food for bacteria that destroys the teeth. 

How Do You Fight Your Sugar Addiction? 

We know that addictions aren’t easy to stop, but you have to make some effort for the sake of your health. Some of the ways to fight your addiction include 

  • Eat healthy food when you get a craving. It is easier said than done, but you have to make a conscious effort to cut down your sugar intake by eating healthily. 
  • Know what defines healthy. Some “healthy snacks” actually aren’t so healthy. Some smoothies and yogurt contain harmful sugar content. So, do your research before buying, or make yours.
  • Drink a lot of water. Sometimes, you are not hungry or having cravings; you are just dehydrated. Learn to make a habit of drinking water. 
  • Avoid activities that make you crave sugar. Cut down on stressful activities that make you want to reward yourself with food containing lots of sugar.
  • Other things you can do involve going for a walk, talking to someone, or even taking a shower.

How Do You Protect Your Oral Health? 

You can protect your oral health by taking proper care of your teeth. Reduce your consumption of sugary and acidic foods, brush and floss often, eat healthily, use a mouthwash, and visit the dentist regularly. 


Sugar being detrimental to the health of your teeth is not a myth; it isn’t something you should take lightly. Everyone likes a good set of teeth. To maintain them, you may have to make sacrifices like not indulging your cravings. However, it takes more than that to maintain good oral hygiene, which is why you should also see your dentist regularly.