Select the type of website you want to make in Wix

When starting the process of designing, developing, and programming a website, even if you decide to make the website in Wix yourself, the platform will ask you a few questions to get an idea of ​​the type of website you want to make. In this way, the platform will suggest structures and page types that are best for you.

Within the questions asked by Wix, you will find the question about the type of business you have in mind to develop through the page. You can find different versions and places for endless professions and businesses.

This is how the platform suggests those elements that are most convenient for you, such as, for example, information blogs, online reservations, chats, a reservation site, and many other things. Once you have defined the business you want to achieve and the suggestions provided, you can start making a website in Wix.

Choose a template

Remember that as it is a platform that has free hosting, you can take your time to choose a template that suits what you are looking for. You can select free models, but you also have the option of selecting paid or Premium models, which usually have more striking elements.

Once you select the template that best suits your business, you can start browsing through a practical menu, where you can play with the location of the photos, the texts, and even the brand of your business.

You find the structure menus in the left column, while the custom menus are in the correct part.

Apply your corporate style to web design

Now, you must decide the image you are going to transmit to your visitors on your website, so you must choose a theme that suits what you are looking for, where you can combine the colors of your brand, the shapes, and styles that best they adapt.

To do this, you have a “theme manager” option on the left side of the editor, where you can include your logo, photos, and the elements you consider necessary.

Customize your website with the Wix drag&drop editor

At this point, you can start customizing your web page, selecting those settings that you consider attractive. To achieve this, you don’t need to complicate yourself much because you have to choose the elements and drag them to the place on the page where you want them to be, and that’s it. With this exact mechanism, you can drag content, texts, elements, and much more.

If you want to add new elements, you have to click on the “add (+)” button, and there you will have the possibility of including more texts, compositions, buttons, and everything that comes to mind.

Do you know how to program? Outline your web design with HTML and CSS code

Suppose you have experience in this type of programming or the help of a website developer, and you want to customize your web page further. In that case, you can add HTML and CSS codes, but to achieve this, you should know that Wix does not have this function available. You have to add it on your own.

To do this, you must resort to the methods that Wix offers you to achieve it, such as Corvid by Wix, an extension that allows you to add codes to your page more quickly and easily.

Prepare your website for mobile devices.

A page that cannot be viewed from a mobile device is a page that will lose many visits daily. That is why you must adapt your page to this type of screen for better interaction.

To make a web page in Wix that can be viewed from your mobile device is very simple because you have to go to the button at the top of the page and click on change of view.

Once you do, your page viewed from a web device will be displayed, and from there, you can start making changes to images, adjusting text, customizing forms, and more.

Optimize your website in SEO for search engines

This is another of the things that you cannot ignore, and that is essential to know how to make a website well in Wix.

Fortunately, Wix has an excellent platform to improve SEO optimization and keep up with other media. You can cover the main configurations for good web positioning, such as the URL, the meta description, the name of images, and much more.

To achieve this, you must select “Menu and pages” and click on “site menu” so you can start making changes, where you will have the opportunity to choose between SEO (Google), advanced SEO, and social actions.

Preview your web page before publishing it

Finally, we recommend that you click on the preview to have an idea of ​​how other users will view your page, there you can see details and finish giving the final touches to publish your page then and make it visible to everyone.

At this point, when reviewing your web design, you may need the occasional help of a web design company to polish some details.