Do you dream of being a medical receptionist? If so, you might consider taking up a medical receptionist course online. With an average salary of $26.16 per hour, a medical receptionist career can be quite lucrative. 

You might wonder how to become a medical receptionist, isn’t it? So, this article will highlight the role of a medical receptionist and the qualifications you require to become one. Plus, you’ll know the skills necessary to be an exceptional medical receptionist. 

Taking a medical receptionist course online can be helpful as it will equip you with the knowledge you need. Plus, you will know the skills you’ll need to become a successful medical receptionist. 

Becoming a Medical Receptionist

A medical receptionist is someone who greets patients and clients in medical facilities like clinics, centres, surgeries, and more. They are the ones who answer queries in-person, telephonically, or through written mediums. Moreover, you have the chance to advance your career by obtaining a medical assisting associate’s degree and being a medical assistant. 

So, here’s what you need to be a medical receptionist: 

High School Diploma 

First and foremost, to be a medical receptionist, you need to have a high school diploma. You need to have the basic education and knowledge to conduct yourself professionally as a medical receptionist. Further, some employers might accept the basic high school diploma if you want to learn on the job. 

Medical Receptionist Course Certificate 

It might help you gain more knowledge and skills if you study and get certified in a medical receptionist course. Alternatively, you can consider completing a certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) or secretarial or clerical studies. 

These certificates can help bolster your resume and make you desirable for the job you are applying for. You can either take the certificate courses and study for a year or undertake a Bachelor’s course for 3-4 years. 

And doing these courses will help you learn the medical terminologies so that you can talk to patients comfortably and confidently. 


For being a medical receptionist, you need certain technical and soft skills to ensure you are successful in your role. 

You need to possess telephonic and computer skills to communicate with your patients. By this token, you need the following skills:

  • You need to be well-versed in Microsoft Office.
  • You must know to handle scheduling software.
  • Learn billing and administration services.
  • You must be versatile in handling the photocopier, printer, and phone systems.

You also need specific soft skills that can aid in performing your job well:

  • Strong communication and listening skills.
  • Be highly organised.
  • Stay professional. 
  • Pay attention-to-detail.

Moreover, you must be able to identify what patients coming to the clinic need and help them accordingly. 

Volunteer as a Medical Receptionist

Another way to become a medical receptionist is by volunteering. While this is not compulsory for obtaining a job, it adds to your resume and helps you perform your job better. Plus, you get to observe your role and improve your skills before diving into a full-fledged career where you’ll be held accountable. 

Getting a Job

Once you have obtained the qualifications and honed your skills, write a kickass resume and apply for jobs. You can go to clinics, hospitals, medical labs, nursing homes, or physician’s private offices to get a job. 

Either you can apply online or go in person and apply for a job. 

A medical receptionist is a profession that involves greeting patients and successfully handling administrative and maintenance tasks needed in a medical facility or a physician’s clinic. And to become a medical receptionist, you need a high school diploma, a certificate in a medical receptionist course, and several technical and soft skills.