So, you are thinking of medical narration you simply cannot get any voice-over actor to do the job. No matter how seasoned a voice actor you have found it is going to be difficult or say daunting. If you don’t believe it, just try saying ‘pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis’ out loud, or get your voice actor to say it without breaking the tone and making it sound like you actually understand what it is. Unlike any other narration, medical narrations are much more serious with tone varying from project to project. 

Medical narrations and explainers are primarily aimed at medical staff, medical students, healthcare workers. But also explaining to people in general things like ins-outs of a medical procedure, cause and symptoms of illness, effects of medicine, and innovation in the field. The major challenges in getting a perfect or a decent medical narration are long-format recordings and the complexity of the medical terms, as mentioned above. Many voice artists who have mastered the craft of medical narration admit that it is a very demanding form of narration. However, some of the voice-over professionals who previously have had experience in recording long eLearning voice-overs are more suitable or likely to become medical narration experts. 

As said earlier these narrations are different than the ones prevailing in the entertainment industry. So, let’s have look at things which must be kept in mind while searching for a medical narrator – 

Understand the Audience – 

It is the jack of all trades. Understanding your audience is crucial in every format or style of voice-over narration. Medical narrations being inherently serious and composite in nature adapting the narration to engage with the audience is very crucial. For instance, if the medical narration is for medical students, the tone and pitch must reflect calmness and seriousness to justify the gravity of the topic that is being explained. 

However, it must sound confident and knowledgeable to convince the students that whatever information is being imparted is true to its nature and the speaker understands the subject matter in discussion. Contrary to that in narrations aimed at general people or people looking for medical suggestions or information about something, the narrations and jargon are needed to be more casual and condensed into simpler words. 

This will make the audience engage and understand the topic and prove to be helpful. Therefore, the first step should be to understand the audiences’ perspective, and once to have that intel you can start searching for your medical narrator. 

Experience Matters –

When you want to produce a medical narration, you must focus on the experience of the voice actors. Voice-actors who have sufficient experience in recording eLearning modules or explainer video voice-overs are going to make a better fit than others. This is simply because they have the experience of recording long-form content and have familiarity with complex terms and hence have a clear diction. 

However, unless the voice actor has a medical degree, he/she is not going to understand every term in narration, but hiring an experienced voice professional would reduce the chances of pronunciation mistakes popping up. Another major reason to hunt for experienced voice artists is that they can sound authoritative and establish that they are in full command of the subject matter that is being discussed in the narration. It is crucial to ascertain that medical narrators exude a sense of confidence and expertise as no one will believe a voice that sounds like it does not know what it is talking about. 

Cast a Wider Net – 

A major mistake one can make while looking for medical voice-over narrators is giving up and going with one of the first few who appeared. One might get lucky once in a while but why take chances on such a serious matter? Even if you feel that you have found the voice you were looking for it won’t hurt to go for a customized audition just to be certain. 

It is best to listen to all the demo reels you have received or you can find on legit online voice-over marketplaces to make sure that you have missed someone who could make a better fit for the narration. Medical Narrations demand a high level of professionalism and approachability. Even the most seasoned voice actors might need preparations, coaching, and guidance to exactitude your vision about the narration. 

Voice Talent Longevity –

The medical field is the area of science where scientists are constantly working to get another breakthrough. So it is safe to say that the medical field is under a continuous evolution just like any other stream of science. While picking up your voice talent you also need to make sure that the voice talent will be around if there are updates coming in or any advancements are made in subject matter or new theories have been postulated? You need to ensure that the voice-over actor is willing to make a long-term relationship and will be available as and when the need arises. Also, it will ensure the consistency of your narration as you will not need to go on voice-hunting for another project. 

For a successful medical narration and basic requirement for basic voice-over, you need to understand the needs of your audience. You require versatile voice-over actors with skills to break down complex topics into simpler phrases and provide value to the audience, as medical narrations are very likely to get soaked into the jargon of the industry. When hunting for medical narrators it would be wise to look for voice artists who have past experience with the industry, even if it is of short format recording. 

Their prior experience with the industry can help decode various complexities of current content. Also, it would be advisable to have someone from the medical field, preferably a medical professional, who can help in explaining terms and scenarios to the voice actor and also help with the pronunciation of some typical medical terms. At Voyzapp, we have the best and experienced medical narrators who can help you in realizing your project. With their expertise in craft and experience with the industry, they sure make a great fit.