Looking dapper with regular clothes is a skill not many can perfect. However, It is not very difficult if one knows a few hacks and tricks around styling them better. Simple sweatshirts from brands like the Comme des Garcons Play line can become a part of daily fashion. One must keep solids of each type, like hoodies, sweatpants, t-shirts, and cardigans, for versatility in their closet and faster styling options to enhance any look and outfit. Ensure finding the correct fabric to suit daily needs and avoid easy wear and tear.


Gone are the days when only women could style cardigans in an elegant and sultry manner. Men’s cardigans are the latest trend where muted colours bring out the best appearance and add a bit of layering to plain clothing. Add a pop of colour on the inside to stand out and produce a stark effect. One could add small elements like a tie-up collar or pins for extra beauty that differentiate them from regular styles and make them stand out from the crowd.

Pair basic grey, black, and beige cardigans with white or black inner clothes for a sophisticated and neat look. These colours avoid cluttering and form a perfect appearance that nobody can challenge. Wear a pair of sexy, plain, contrasting pants for the best look.


Pullovers look amazing right from the fall season to winters. It is best to buy plain colours to mix and match every outfit. V-neck pullovers are trendy due to their style and subtlety. One can wear these in combination with straight pants or jeans since incorporating them makes a tremendous fashionable look inspired by the Y2K scene in the current generation. 

Wear them with tennis skirts and flared skirts for an oversized look that is super cute and fashionable for teens. One can even layer them with puffer jackets or coats for additional layering that enhances the looks and unfolds new creative ways of styling the same old clothes. Match them with some air forces, and the outfit is ready to be shown off.


Converse shoes are the best pick for a simple outgoing outfit since it has a playful appeal with perfect colours that fit any clothes. Converse has also partnered with esteemed labels like Comme des Garcons Play for an exclusive collection that is the best for the upcoming valentines event. These shoes are best worn with skirts and sweatpants but can be paired with many similar clothes due to their versatility. 

Many gen-z people like to add a touch of fun to their formals with converse shoes for an unconventional and unique look. Choose tighter pants and a free blazer with graphic tees or plain whites that fit well with the converse look. Choose a trendy new colour to drive attention towards the shoes and bring a pop of colour to a plain outfit.

Basic T-shirts:

Upgrade the essential black and white closet to pair them with the best elements in the market. Layer these t-shirts with a flannel or a jacket for a clean look for a casual day out. For a more edgy look, add cropped jackets and sweaters that make one a fashionista in no time. Full hand t-shirts are super cool and pair well with another shorthand t-shirt on top. This style produces a grunge effect that goes well with black and silver jewellery.

Tuck in these t-shirts and wear an elegant skirt or a pair of pants if the top needs to be plain and simple. Harem pants and layered skirts are the best picks for a new look to experiment with.