Your home can create feelings of comfort, security and happiness by changing a few things and spending very little money out of your pocket.

Firstly, look around your home and see if the colours in your home are cheerful. Do you see sunny yellows, passionate purple, vibrant reds like red poppy, shades of greens found in nature? Mother Nature has always given us shades of the most beautiful colours. Why not bring these colours inside your home with a flower bouquet or by adding accents. Each season, by simply changing a few accessories, you can bring in seasonal colours that will also bring in freshness and new energy to the space.

Every time you decorate a room, it changes the feel in the room and the way you will feel when entering or spending time in a particular room. It helps to stimulate the senses as well, as what was there just long enough for you to get accustomed to, will be changed to bring on a new feeling.

Seasonal changes in decor

Summer: Remove any items that remind you of spring in pastel shades or textures and trade them for accessories of colours in bright yellows, poppy reds and leaf greens. Move furniture around to change the feel of the room and to add interest. If you can, remove a piece of furniture to give a more open, airy feel to the room. Remove blankets and heavy fabric pillows. Bring in cottons, roll up large area carpets to cool the space and add fresh flowers to bring in nature.

Fall: Add colours of orange, darker green, deeper yellows. Replace cotton pillows with heavier fabrics in fall colours and add a throw blanket casually over the arm of a sofa. Bring back that piece of furniture that was removed in summer. Add a large vase of pussy willows and move around prints/paintings in your home to feature them in a different room; in a new light. Bring back your area carpet to warm the space.

Winter: Bring in winter whites, reds & greens for a festive feel in accessories that can easily be removed in January. Add crystal pieces, gold and silver to add some glitter to the space. Add a few more pillows or another blanket and bring your furniture a little closer together for a cosy feel and feature your fireplace if you have one. Fireplaces can easily be featured by making them stand out. This can be achieved by placing a large mirror over the mantle, large print/painting or even a series of items that share similar colour, shape or style.

Spring: Remove any heavy textured blankets, pillows and area carpets. Replace them with lighter textures and shades in pastel colours like pinks, light blues, whites and minty green. Add fresh tulips to the space in a crystal vase for sparkle and remove some accessories in the room to give it a fresher, lighter feel. Replace your heavy area carpet with a light textured carpet.

When giving rooms a more seasonal appeal, change only your accessories. All major pieces of furniture should remain as they are expensive and heavy to be changing and moving around regularly. Accessories can be purchased at reasonable prices at many stores that feature constantly changing stock within the store. Often you can get great ideas and inexpensive prices at these types of stores as well. Choose to spend your money on the best quality you can afford on major pieces of furniture as these items will be with you for long periods of time. You will want them to stand up to daily wearing and constant use. Accessories are inexpensive to replace if need be and generally do not experience the same type of wear and tear of daily living the way large pieces of furniture are exposed to.

Have some fun with decorating and surround yourself with colours of the season. Bring in the colours of Mother Nature with accents, decor pieces, yellow roses, etc. and add happiness to your room and your life!

You deserve to surround yourself with colours that you love.

You deserve to feel comfortable and peaceful in your space.

And most importantly, you deserve to be happy.