When it comes to flaunting body shapes and silhouettes with clothes, choosing an outfit that suits all body types is necessary. Midis have been a timeless, classic cult to-go outfit choice for many as they tend to fit all body types when styled appropriately. Whether you are curvaceous or zero size, you will always find the right kind of midi. Midis are also all-season wear, keep you comfortable and can get styles in modern and chic ways. You can easily pull off a sporty look with a knee-length midi dress and a denim jacket with a bun on! 

The Many ways to flaunt in a midi

According to a recent survey, Aussie women spend more than $10,000 on clothes every year. Midis come in various sizes and lengths, with the hemlines either ending at your calves or the ankle. You can also choose a more flowy midi if you are ready for an elegant dance at the ball. Midis are extensively versatile, and there are endless ways to style them and make a fashion statement effortlessly. You will also enjoy the benefits of looking young and slimmer in most midi types (choosing the right type matters). Here is a list of ways in which you can turn a midi piece into a chic drape,

  1. Consider the add ons

While most people pay attention to the pattern and colour of the midi, investing time in choosing add-ons and jewellers can make any look seem rich effortlessly. You can have a solid coloured midi wondering how to style it up for a wedding night. However, layering a midi dress with necklaces or wearing hoop earrings with ruffled midis can add that fun element to your final look. You can also pair statement oxidised jewellery with a solid coloured bodycon dress to look aesthetically chic. Adding jewellery to dark hue midis can make you seem appealing without making fashion mistakes. 

  1. Pairing the right set of footwear

Since maxi clothes are flowy, they can efficiently attenuate your foot. On that note, it is necessary to wear the right pair of shoes. Wearing a pair of ankle-length boots with an ankle-length midi can seem over dressy. However, you can pair diverse footwear with most midis which can change the look of your outfit. 

Shorter women can flaunt with a midi paired with shoes that do not cover the legs too much. It’s so because footwear that covers the leg too much can make you seem shorter. The best footwear to pair with a midi dress is a pair of sexy heels. Strappy heels can look best with textured and patterned midis!

  1. Layer it down!

Layering a midi is one best way to spice up any look. Be it a winter or summer look. In such cases, it is best to choose lighter fabrics. Pairing lighter midis with a cardigan or jacket can leave a unique combination and mix. You can also throw a scarf around your midi or put on a crop tee under your slip-on midi dress. If you’d prefer a more effortless layer, pair your floral midi with a striped shirt. Tie a knot to tuck the shirt down and look chunky yet elegant. 

  1. Adding a waist belt

If you feel a midi is extra flowy and not figure-flattering, one addition you will need for the rescue is a waist belt. If you aren’t wearing a midi to the beach or a sunny coast side date, a waist belt can perfectly clinch around your waist to flaunt your silhouette. If you wish to accentuate your waist, you can also highlight your neckline by choosing a sleeveless midi or a low-cut dress.