Dresses are every girl’s best friend. Open their wardrobe, and you will find several different styles and lengths of dresses hung peacefully, waiting for their turn to be worn.

While many kinds of dresses have come and gone, maxi dresses have held their top place in the outfits’ pyramid. They date back to the 70s, yet they are still just as popular and loved today, and why wouldn’t they be? 

A maxi dress is a classic, with many colours, fabrics, patterns and styles available. Regardless of the changing fads, you can don a maxi dress, accessorise it with your favourite add-ons, and you’ll be good to go!

Their evergreen popularity can be attributed to several reasons, though.


1. Effortlessly Comfortable

Sure, on some days, you prioritise style over comfort, but what if you can get both style and comfort in one?

Honestly, a maxi dress is as good as your favourite, most comfortable PJ pair. You just have to choose the suitable material. If you pick something made of natural, breathable and light material, like a cotton blend, you will never have to sigh in discomfort. 

They are easy on every skin type, and you can effortlessly pull the ‘college-student-in-messy-bun-and-sweats vibe. Slip it on, wear some cute slippers and go run some errands!

2. Matches With Everything

Some mornings, you just wake up all cranky and out of energy. On those days, fixing an outfit for yourself can be a hassle; enter maxi dresses to the rescue! 

They are equivalent to that one pair of slacks that goes with literally anything. You can put on any accessory – keep it minimal or keep it loud – and it will hardly ever create a mismatched look. 

The versatility is commendable. This way, you can wear the dress a couple of hundred times without getting bored. This is ultimately good for the environment, too, since you are less likely to toss it away in the garbage after one wear – unlike the 24% of Aussies who did so in 2017!

3. Flattering as Ever

Want something that embraces your curves but keeps the limelight away from your insecure spots? Well, a maxi dress with a generous flare will do just that!

Pick a dress with a V-neck or a cute scoop to draw everyone’s attention vertically, not horizontally. You can also amp up the style with a flashy belt tied up high on your waist, creating an empire dress long. It will also make you look tall.

4. No More Shaving

Ladies, you must admit that this is perhaps the most significant advantage of a maxi dress! If you wore any other dress, you would have to spend extra minutes in the bath, shaving every inch of your legs clean, but with a maxi dress, you earn that feminine look effortlessly.

Now, you can celebrate no-shave November too. Nobody will ever know; pretty exciting, right?

Wrapping Up

There will never be a time that dresses are not an integral part of every girl’s life. In addition, the maxi dress style will always remain golden too.

They’re comfortable, go with everything, flatter your body type, and require no frantic leg shaving. What’s not to like about this classic dress style?

So, don it for your next brunch party or wear it for fun when you do your everyday chores – you will look fabulous!