Over the past two decades, brands have experimented with many new advertising channels. From SEO campaigns to influencer marketing to digital advertising – brands are always employing new techniques to reach out to customers. However, not every advertising channel or technique is effective.

Many small businesses with limited marketing budgets struggle to launch sophisticated, performance-driven digital marketing campaigns. Many small-scale businesses lose money on digital advertising campaigns. Traditional outdoor advertising tools like billboards, outdoor flags, etc., are way more useful and cost-effective to these businesses.

The Success of Outdoor Advertising Flags  

According to a recent study, for every $1 spent on traditional outdoor advertising tools, your brand makes $5.97 in revenue. One of the most popular types of outdoor advertising tools is custom-printed flags. These flags are amazing promotional tools because they’re great at catching people’s attention, even from long distances.

Well-designed outdoor marketing flags can increase foot traffic to your store and boost your brand’s presence in the local community. The more unique your marketing flags, the more attention they will attract. That’s why savvy brand leaders don’t go for common flag shapes like rectangles or squares.

A custom-printed triangle flag will look way more unique than a rectangular or a square-shaped flag. These flags are easily identifiable from long distances. Their cool shapes immediately interest passersby. However, designing triangle flags is a complex process. The rules you follow to design basic rectangular/square-shaped flags don’t apply to these flags.

Rules for Designing Triangle-Shaped Marketing Flags

Triangle-shaped flags have a different layout compared to traditional rectangular and square-shaped flags. Their design must compliment this layout. Here’s how –

  1. Limited Use of Colors

The more colors a triangle-shaped flag has, the harder it is to spot from a distance. Flags with two to three contrasting colors are easily distinguishable. They have balanced designs and can be spotted from long distances. Using too many colors on triangle-shaped flags can make these promotional items look unappealing or uninteresting.

Triangle-shaped flags have limited print space. Too many colors make these flags feel clumsy and overcrowded. Also, the two/three colors you use on these flags should be easily distinguishable from one another. Contrasting colors like red and white or blue and yellow will make your promotional flags more visible.

  • Stay on Brand

Always use striking colors and graphics to customize your triangle-shaped marketing flags. But, make sure these design elements are aligned with your brand’s style, colors, and identity. For example, if you sell educational materials, using grunge fonts and neon colors on your marketing flags doesn’t make sense.

  • Adopt a Minimalistic Approach

Triangle-shaped marketing flags are already very eye-catching, thanks to their unique shapes. They don’t need to have sophisticated designs to be more visible. In fact, triangle-shaped marketing flags with very few design elements and details are more appealing than flags with crowded designs.

Keep the design of your triangle-shaped marketing flags simple and straight to the point. Only print the essential details about your brand on the flags (logo, name, etc.). Make sure your marketing flags are able to get your brand message across in less than 5 seconds.