Everyone is aware of the functionality and usability of 10×10 canopies but the myths often surpass the realistic bent of mind. The truth is that the canopy tents often turn an unbranded space into an option you can utilize for the business. If you are not yet aware of the branding benefits that these tents bring, you may miss out one of the most significant marketing tools. 

Know the misconceptions:

Before you eliminate the misconceptions surrounding 10×10 canopies, here is what you need to know about the bad ideas.

  • Size is restricted

There are a few purposes that make the 10×10 canopy tent a perfect option but that does mean that you need to stay restricted about the prices.  There are different sizes of canopy tents you can choose based on the requirements. For tradeshows and events or small gatherings the 10×10 canopies are ideal. 

  • No need for custom tents

There are different ways you may come to know about canopies and the buyer mindset but there is no reason to think that the readymade products are much better than the custom-designed canopies. It’s true that the custom canopies are slightly more expensive than the readymade options but you pay for what you get.

  • Tents take a lot of time to create

Often, the buyers need to step back from customized 10×10 canopies as they believe that it takes a lot of time to build the tents. Truly speaking, it requires little time to build the tent but you need to order as soon as possible. If you order the product from a professional company, you are sure to receive the product within a fortnight, so the sooner you plan the better it is to receive the product. 

  • Less weatherproof and no shelf life

The life of the tent depends on various factors, such as the material used for making it, whether it is resistant to weather, oil, abrasion, and grease. Today, most manufacturers follow precautionary measures to ensure that the tent stays intact when high winds blown. Moreover, the fabric used for making the custom-designed canopy does not let water to penetrate easily. Despite having the waterproof features, the tent needs to stay inside when the weather turns hostile. 

  • Cleaning the tent 

The 10×10 canopies come with low maintenance but that does not mean that you need not clean them at all. All you need is to clean the tent gently with soap and water. However, you need not wait for the tent to get dirty before cleaning it and remember to dry the tent adequately before using it. Not cleaning the tent properly may make it prone to the development of mold and mildew.

Not useful in rainy weather:

One of the myths people have on their minds is that using the tent is useless during the rains may take a few steps back as using water-repellant materials may prevents the entry of water in the tent and keeps it safe during the rainy weather. 

It is time you give a thought to the misconceptions you posses about the tents and invest in them for better visibility and functionality.