Although successful people have many different traits, you will notice that they all have one thing in common. They are highly ingenious individuals who know how to get things done. But here is the surprising part. They have not mastered a large number of skills. They instead work on enhancing those few skills that they feel will create value in their lives.

To help you become successful in life, we have also compiled a list of such skills that you should learn in 2022. Given the prevalence of working from home in a post-COVID environment, you should have no excuse to not learn new skills. Use the work commute time you are most likely saving each day to work on these skills.

These skills range from interpersonal to vocational. No matter what profession you are a part of, all these skills have the potential to revolutionize your life.

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Speed Reading

I am sure you must have been through this scenario many times during college and also perhaps at work:

After a full day of slacking off, it is now late at night and you have a presentation the next morning about which you are clueless. You have a lot of content to read through but you don’t know how you will cram all this information in just one night.

Since it is realistically impossible to read all the information, you opt to just skim through to get a broad idea of the topic of the presentation. The problem is that when you are racing against time and start reading at breakneck speed, you struggle to make sense of the content.

Most readers have a habit of sub-vocalization. They say the words of the text in their mind while reading it. This drastically slows down your reading speed.

As the name suggests, speed reading helps make you read faster. It allows readers to skim through reading material while not compromising on comprehension. The average adult reads 300 words per minute. Speed reading can raise this to as much as 1500 words per minute.

If you can speed read, you can save so much time during the day. Just think about all the daily activities that require reading that you will be able to perform quicker if you know how to speed read.

The Art of Delegating

Delegation skills should be mastered by everyone, particularly those employed in managerial roles. A lot of people tend to micromanage responsibilities and the people around them. Delegating will require us to give up this habit.

Micromanagement is not effective. It uses up all our mental energy on insignificant tasks that should not matter. Knowing the art of delegating will give you the time and energy to focus on more important strategic tasks.

Learning to Play an Instrument

Most people think learning to play a musical instrument is just a fun hobby. We are not denying that it is not a fun activity. However, there are many benefits of playing musical instruments that go far beyond it being just fun. Playing a musical instrument helps enhance memory and improves cognitive functions. It also improves hand-eye coordination.

Since it requires using memory skills, playing a musical instrument also slows down (or may even prevent) the onset of dementia. With these amazing health benefits, there is no reason to not learn to play the guitar, piano, or any other musical instrument.

There are plenty of music courses available online where you can hone your skills. However, it is best to learn music by taking physical classes, rather than doing it online.

Prioritizing Tasks

Most people do not know how to prioritize tasks. However, this skill is required more than ever to increase productivity.

Failure at task prioritization stems from a lack of daily planning. All you need is a simple to-do list that has items on it sorted on the basis of importance, urgency, and preference.

When you know how to prioritize tasks, you will strike out unimportant tasks from your priority list on which you would have needlessly wasted time. The best part is that by reducing the number of tasks (after eliminating useless ones), you will be able to achieve more out of your daily 24 hours.

Mastering Body Language

According to a research study conducted by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), we tend to perceive emotions based more on body language rather than facial expressions. This means we can communicate our message more effectively by using the appropriate body language. So this is one important skill you need to learn for personal effectiveness.

Body language is quite an extensive skill. It requires perfecting your gestures, body posture, eye contact, and a lot more. Keep in mind that your body language will not improve overnight. It has an element of the subconscious that requires a lot of time and dedication to modify. So be prepared to spend at least a couple of months to master your body language.

Videography Skills

Since the onset of smartphones, we have been consuming more video content than ever before in human history. Just scrolling on Instagram or Facebook for a few minutes will make you realize how hard they are promoting video content on your newsfeed. All kinds of business enterprises are now spending more of their marketing budgets on digital media, rather than on print or TV. All small and medium, and even a lot of big enterprises, market their products and/or services exclusively through digital mediums.

It is no secret that video content captures more attention of the target market than other types of content. The user interaction stemming from video content provides great value for digital advertisers.

It is easy to see why video content is so popular. It is more gripping, stimulating, and entertaining than reading content. People enjoy visual content and want to consume more of it every day.

Not very long ago, acquiring videography skills and equipment was prohibitively expensive. Only big film studios and advertising agencies could afford to buy the equipment required for videography. However, now you can easily learn videography skills like lighting, editing, and shooting, by studying online courses. Video equipment has now become portable and relatively cheaper so anyone can become a videographer today. You may learn videography skills to make both personal videos as well as commercial ones. There is plenty of advertising agencies, documentary producers, and film and TV studios that require people with videography skills. So, make your time useful by enhancing these skills so you may boost your employability.

Mental Clarity

It is no secret that our attention spans are getting shorter with each passing year. There are many reasons for this trend. A lack of mental clarity is also one of these reasons. You need to learn how to de-clutter your brain. De-cluttering will help instill a drive inside of you and will give you a purpose and reason to live.

A failure to set goals will make your life seem useless. Mental fatigue also plays a role in debilitating physical performance and health. So, it is about time you get some mental clarity by reducing your brain fog.

When you have mental clarity, you can train your brain to focus on the things that intrinsically motivate you. When this happens, you will know what things you need to prioritize and what things can be done at a later time.

Learning Humor

Being humorous is a skill that few people give it its due credit and respect. Displaying your funny side has immense benefits. Being funny is a sure-shot way of boosting your likability. People who make others laugh instantly become the center of attention in their social groups. If you are humorous, you can use this situation to your advantage. You get increased social exposure. People like to follow the advice of those they like. So you can use humor to influence the behavior of those around you.

According to research by the American Psychological Association, humorous content is retained and understood far better than content with a serious and formal tone. In other words, people will understand you better if you can make them laugh.

Humor has also been shown to increase bonding among people at work which subsequently increases work productivity. Humor helps in creating a lite work environment that helps keep people upbeat and motivated.

The best way to learn humor is to watch someone who tends to be humorous. This could be someone you know or it could be a standup comedian. Take notes on how they deliver punch lines. Focus on the tonality and timing. It is important to know which joke is to be delivered when. You may also notice that funny people tend to laugh at their own expense. They embrace what others may consider weaknesses as a way of displaying their confidence. Only someone who has immense self-confidence will have the audacity to not only talk about their weaknesses but also make people laugh while doing so. Become a walking talking standup comedy show by embracing your funny side.

You can also learn humor by watching funny movies and series. Learn the jokes you see in them and apply them in your real-life situations and conversations.


Writing is an evergreen creative skill. Despite rapid digitization, writing is still the strongest medium of communication. Even the lines delivered in video content must have first been written somewhere by someone.

Good writing can reap some great benefits for you whether you are writing an Instagram caption, a romantic text to your significant other, or writing an official report for your boss. Writing is a lot more than just a creative skill. These days, freelancers are using their writing skills to make a significant amount of money. It is about time you monetize your writing skills as well.

You don’t need to write a best-selling novel to make a career out of it. There are plenty of writing jobs available online like social media marketing, copywriting, copyediting, and of course blogging. This has opened up massive avenues of making money for people with writing skills.

Even if you don’t have a natural flair for writing, there are plenty of courses available online that will teach you creative writing skills. Check out resources like Udemy and Coursera to work on this new skill! 

Learning a New Language

Learning a foreign language is a great way to boost your mental capacity. Learning a new language requires exposing yourself to a different set of vocabulary and rules. This provides your brain muscles with some much-needed exercise.

By learning a new language, you are essentially training your brain to function better. Scientific research suggests bilinguals tend to make more rational decisions and have a better memory than those who speak just one language.

Knowing a foreign language can open up work opportunities that are exclusive only to multi-linguists. You can find work as a translator and you can also get employed as a consular officer. Your life will become a lot easier if you move to a foreign country and you know the language that is spoken there.

Like most things on this list, there are also plenty of apps and web services available to help you learn new languages.

Summing Up

This is quite a comprehensive list of skills to enhance personal effectiveness and to also create work opportunities for yourself. However, before you learn these skills, have clarity on why you aim to learn them. It is better to be intrinsically motivated to learn these skills rather than seeking external validation. No matter what skill you are learning, be sure to avoid giving it a half-hearted attempt. Be dedicated and commit yourself to learning these skills so you can make the most out of them.